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5 Must-Haves on Your Breakfast Table

If you grew up in a Kenyan household, you are probably familiar with having bread and Blueband on the breakfast table. The older generation were firm believers in the benefits of margarine and definitely did not hesitate to use it on everything.

These days, in the midst of an increasingly health-conscious society, the options, thankfully, are wider. Here are a few alternatives to the typical breakfast spread:

1. Fresh, cold-pressed juices from Lomon: How refreshing would a glass of strawberry juice be in the morning? Lomon juices range from fresh, fruity shots to healthy, detoxifying vegetable juices. If carrots and cucumbers are not your go-to in the morning, you can always opt for cruelty-free vegan milk from them as well.

2. Raspberry-chocolate jam from Jars of goodness. Yes you read it right. This jam combines the smoothness of dark chocolate with the tartness of berries. It’s basically a better version of Nutella. You could have this jam over pancakes, waffles, toast or even ice-cream!

3. Raw forest honey to spread all over your bread. Beehappy’s honey and ginger combo also goes perfectly with a cup of black tea. ☕️

4. Healthy Kajuju muesli bowls. Muesli is amazing because it fills you up, is super healthy and tastes amazing, especially when topped with a few strawberries, sultanas, chia seeds and thick yogurt.

Healthy Kajuju Tropical Fruit Granola

5. Uma’s Espresso Peanut Butter. Who said coffee was only meant for a cup? This interesting combination of flavours will definitely wake you up.

Uma Espresso-Peanut Butter Strawberry Toast

6. Healthy Kajuju granola bars. If you’re usually in a rush in the morning and prefer something to-go, this is it. These granola bars are made of just six ingredients but they are all power packed! Each bar contains a healthy amount of coconut, dates, almond butter, honey, oats and sunflower seeds to help power you throughout the day.

All ingredients are fresh, all-natural and made with ❤️.

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