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How to Take Care of a Patchy Beard

You may be trying to grow your beard but not getting much luck. If you're like most people, your beard may grow well on some areas of your face but completely refuse to spread consistently.

This is completely normal.

Patchy beard growth could either be hereditary or due to hormonal imbalance, stress, poor nutrition or a few unhealthy habits.

Luckily, a patchy beard isn't a life sentence. All you need is patience - and a few good habits. 😃

Tips for Healthy Beard Growth

1. Wash and exfoliate your beard

Cleansing the skin underneath your beard is an important part of beard growth. This is because you need to unclog the pores that the hair shaft grows out of. To do this, use a gentle cleanser that doesn't strip your beard of natural oils but instead only removes the dirt.

In addition, be sure to choose a cleanser with natural ingredients. Alika Naturals Beard Wash contains honey which is a natural humectant. Humectants are products that allow water to bind to our skin. Honey is also hygroscopic which means it draws moisture from the environment to the beard and retains it.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Our faces naturally produce sebum to keep skin moisturized. As our beards grow, however, they pull the oil from the skin to try and get it to cover the beard.

This natural body oil usually isn't enough for both the skin and the beard. That is why you may experience itchy, dry and flaky skin. 😢

That's where beard balm comes in. Alika Beard balm is formulated to moisturize and give a healthy environment for beard growth. It also contains shea butter which is essential in making facial hair look thicker.

3. Condition your beard

With daily face washing, the beard and skin underneath dry out. This causes slow and unhealthy beard growth. 🤦🏾‍♂️

To prevent this, use 100% natural, moisturizing & conditioning oil which will soothe skin, soften the beard to prevent ingrown hairs and even boost growth!

Beard growth requires consistent beard grooming and a healthy lifestyle. With some dedication, you can get there! 🧔🏾

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